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It's That Time of Year - College Essays

Writing an excellent college essay is essential, especially in midst of ongoing COVID-19. 


College essay support is the most requested college application and career service we provide.  

Students are applying to more colleges as a result of not being able or comfortable to attend college tours due to Covid.  A college admissions officer’s job is unprecedentedly difficult as they work to identify the strongest candidates who will say yes when offered one of their limited seats. 

How academically rigorous was the students’ coursework since March 2020?  What if they opted to apply test optional?  

In a typical year, application essays are a vital part of most college’s application formulas. That importance is now intensified.  

To get started contact us.  For some do's & don'ts on writing your college essay click here

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Tutoring to fit your student's needs

Our initial consultation will map out what your student needs to achieve their goals academically.

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Let us walk you through the college application process with a personalized timeline that works for your student.  Get one-on-one help with the admissions essays.

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Life with Covid-19

Life has changed. Brandywine Learning Center has adapted to keep our families safe while still learning.