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College / Career Services

BLC offers assistance in every aspect of the college application process, but before you can apply you need to know where to apply.  We use a top down format of Career Choice, Major and then College Choice.

Career Fit First

College Major  & Career Coaching - This self-knowledge can ultimately save a lot of time and energy

College Choice
Determine a solid list of colleges to apply based on academics, testing, potential majors & personal fit.

College Application Services
This is everything from essay help to resume prep/evaluation.

Set up a free consultation to learn more about the many services we offer to help navigate college and life.

College Tip
Always check a school's graduation rate, but look closely.  For example, Penn State has an 85% graduation rate, for students who completed 6 years.

Financial Aid Tip
If you're a senior in high school, once it hits Oct 1st you can fill out your FAFSA.  It's free and should be filled out by EVERYONE, regardless of your financial standing.

Career Tip
When you spend an additional year(s) in college it's not just the tuition you need to factor, but the loss of another year not being able to earn in a job/career.

College Life Tip
The average number of years a student spends in college is 6.  There is a test that could help drastically improve your student's odds of finishing in 4 years?

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