Make sure to rise above pandemic challenges to education to be ready for next year!

In this challenging time, schools and districts were faced with implementing a drastically revamped education structure virtually in a matter of weeks or less.  They are doing the best to help students finish the school year safely and with as many learning opportunities as possible.  While it is understandable that the level of learning may be impacted, students must take it upon themselves to help themselves in order to prepare for next school year when expectations in their next set of classes are returned to pre-crisis heights.  Students in pre-calculus this year, for example, must push themselves because next year's calculus class is not likely to start with three months of review. 

Top three suggestions to get the most out of this school year:

  • Build in structure - set up a reasonable wake-up time, work times for each course, and bedtime.

  • Do optional work, attend optional meetings with teachers, ask to meet regularly with teachers. Set up study groups (a great leadership experience to add to your activity resume for college applications).

  • If quizzes, tests, and/or finals are no longer a part of class, ask your teachers if you can take them for no credit to ensure learning.


Contact us for academic services to help bridge the gap.  We offer personalized, one-on-one tutoring to help students fill in the gaps to ensure a strong next year.

Brandywine School of Wizardry Registration Open

Posted Sept 11, 2021

Wizarding Families! We hope you all had a wonderful summer and stayed safe and healthy during this time. We have a few one-nighters planned, and registration has been going well.  We still have spots open for the one-nighters and camp info will be out around the year change.  Don't forget to sign up! Learn more about our School of Wizardry HERE.