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Brandywine Learning Center offers private tutoring for all ages and in all subjects, as well as individual tutoring for SAT/ACT testing.

After the initial consultation, your child will take our Brandywine Learning Center Diagnostic Test. This test will determine the approach our tutors will take with your child to maximize SAT/ACT scores.

Private Tutoring Services Offered

Subject area tutoring for all ages

See our Academic Tutoring page for more details

SAT/ACT college preparation

We will meet with you and your student to begin the college process, creating a timeline for testing, college visits and more. To gain an understanding of your student’s needs, we will meet with you in a private session to review PSAT results, report cards, Keystone results, current GPA and colleges the student is interested in. We will also look at your child’s goals, after school activities and other interests. With this information, we will create a timeline specifically tailored to your child, complete with detailed timing for SAT/ACT testing. 

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