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Learn the SAT or the ACT in a group setting. We offer 8 week sessions to prepare your student for these critical college entrance exams.


Join us for an intense, experiential immersion of one of these important college entrance exams.

Our Boot Camps consist of a small group format based on each student's target areas with multiple, experienced, test preparation instructors teaching simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my student take the SAT or ACT?

It is to your child's advantage to consider which test is best suited for them. We provide both tests with diagnostic results, to find the best fit for their strengths. For more information, click here

What does the Boot Camp include?

Camps offer four 90 minute sessions taught by BLC certified preparation instructors. Two sessions cover SAT and two sessions cover the ACT. We also provide two proctored, full length practice tests (one SAT and one ACT) with diagnostic results. After the Boot Camp, we offer a follow up meeting with student and parents to review results and make a plan for strategies going forward.

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