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1-1 Individualized College, Career, and Financial Aid Counseling

Financial Aid counseling and career counseling is offered on a 1-1 basis. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Menu of College Counseling Services

1. Career Fit First…..with Fit 2 Flourish College Major & Career Coaching

A fantastic first step for the student who just isn’t sure what to study or pursue with their education. This coaching measures what a student CAN do (interests), WILL do (their motivation) and HOW they will approach their career (what environment will they thrive in?). This self-knowledge can ultimately save a lot of time and energy in the long run!


2. Resume Preparation/Evaluation

Assist in writing and/or checking the student’s resume/brag sheet

Can be helpful in determining the strength of application and if there are any “holes”


3. College List Selection

An opportunity to gather the essential information about your student and determine a solid list of colleges to apply to based on academics, testing, potential majors and personal fit. Guidance on which schools are strong in the desired majors and consideration of preparation for life after college.

4. Essay Coaching

Your application will shine with a well-crafted, well-planned personal essay. Your personal statement/ Common Application essay will be developed and edited through 2 drafts and a polish – in person, via email or phone.


5. Application Critique & Review

Want to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed? Your application will be double checked to ensure a positive presentation. Tips for maximum effectiveness, as well as suggestions for terrific recommendations and any other special circumstances.


6. Additional Services

Interview preparation, mapping and preparing for college visits are two examples of additional services among many. If there is a part of the process for which you do not see a specific description above, please ask.